Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Maclaren Giveaway!!!

We just moved from central Illinois to Texas suburbia. Although I really miss Illinois, Texas has it's pluses. Our neighborhood in Illinois had no sidewalks...and wasn't much of a neighborhood (maybe like 15 houses). Here in Texas there are all of these massive planned communities. I'm not much on "cookie cutter" houses and lack of land, but I do like the larger number of parks, walking trails and family activities. The perks of living near a big city. 

That being said....the title of this post is "Giveaway" so...I wanted to post you toward a fabulous giveaway! Fabulous Fun Finds will be giving away a Maclaren Techno Stroller XLR in black and champagne with matching rocker and carrier!!! Coming from the middle of nowhere in Illinois, I hadn't seen this brand (we don't even have a Babies R Us or anything). But here in Texas, I see these strollers EVERYWHERE. These strollers are supersleek, light, fast, and solid. They turn on a dime and fold down (like an umbrella stroller) in second. You can even fold them with a heavy toddler kicking and screaming in your arms! I have a standard, cheap, frumpy umbrella stroller and had no desire to upgrade (let's face it, I rebel against the "poshness"). The Combis, etc didn't seem much different from my $20 stroller. But the Maclaren was totally different and I definitely am beginning to have stroller envy;-) I think the main reason for me wanting this stroller over the one that I already have is that it is SOLID, has a great sunshade and it has STORAGE (mine only has a small bag on the back)...and let's face it, it looks really great! So, head on over to Fabulous Fun Finds for your chance to win!

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